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Radon, Termites, & Mold


US EPA RMP #174790T

PA DER #1687


Castle Inspection, Inc. is EPA and DER listed and approved. Our CRM Radon testing is a technologically advanced sytem that enables us to give results within minutes of completion (test takes 48 hrs. to complete) and unlike other testing techniques, it is tamper proof. While many Radon testers are not authorized or qualified to read and interpret the results from the devices they place, we, as primary testers, do have the authority and qualifications for CRM testing methods.

Our test results enable you to track radon levels throughout each hour of the test duration. Before hiring a Radon tester, be sure the company and individual is DER and EPA registered.

If a home tests high for Radon…. ALARA

Our electronic CRM Radon testing gives an hourly read out including temperature barometric pressure. A reduction system can be added to the home. These systems are so effective that living in a mitigated home reduces Radon health risk to as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA), even lower than living in most houses testing below the EPA Action Level (4pCi/l) with no control system.

Termite, Lead, and Mold Inspections also available

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