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Home Inspection

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When Castle inspects your home you can expect a comprehensive approach with evaluation and reporting, including, but not limited to:

Signs of leaks or abnormal conditions
Roof Drainage system
Skylights, Chimneys and Roof penetrations


Primary Windows & Doors
Door Operators
Balconies, Stoops, Area-ways, Porches and Railings
Eaves, Soffits and Fascia
Exterior Wall Coverings, Flashing and Trim
Vegetation, Grading and Drainage as they pertain to the building’s integrity
Patios, Walkways and Retaining Walls as they pertain to the building’s integrity


Floors, Walls, and Ceilings Steps, Stairways, Railings and Balconies
Cabinets and Counters
Windows and Doors including hardware
Fire Resistant Separation Walls, Ceilings and Doors between Unit and Attached Garage
Kitchen, Bath and Laundry Ventilation
Insulation of Attic and Foundation Areas


Walls and Ceilings
Sump Pumps and Sump Wells and equipment relating to these


Water Supply and Distribution Pipe
Fixtures and Faucets
Functional Flow and Functional Drainage
Leaks to DWV Piping, Water Supply or Fuel Piping or Storage Equip.
Venting and Supports
Hot Water Systems {including Auto Safety Controls and Normal
Controls and Clearance to Combustibles and Combustion Air and Venting}
Traps and Drains


Heating Equipment
Normal Operational and Automatic Safety Controls
Exteriors of Flues, Vents and Chimneys
Combustion Air Supply
Solid Fuel Heating Apparatus
Clearance to Combustibles


Air Handler
System capacity and power supply


Service Entrance Conductors
Service equipment, grounding equipment, main overcurrent device, Main and Distribution Panels
Amperage and Voltage ratings of the service
Branch circuit conductors, their overcurrent devices, and the compatibility of their ampacities and voltages
The operation of a representative number of installed lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles located inside the house and garage, and on its exterior walls
The polarity and grounding of all receptacles within six feet of interior plumbing fixtures, and all receptacles in the garage and attached to the exterior
The operation of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters




We at Castle have taken our many years of experience in the construction industry and formed a company that will continue to outpace the competition. Along with our residential experience, Castle has done inspections for such large projects as the Market Frankford El Reconstruction, as well as commercial building inspections for exclusive agents to Lloyd’s of London.


While some inspectors provide an onsite report using a preformatted check list, our reports are the long version narrative type written exclusively for each subject property. Our reporting method is tailored to be user friendly and we believe our reports are among the most comprehensive in the industry.





Video Reports

In addition to the written report, we back up our report with video clips & voice over for all key areas of the home. The video clips tell the whole story, whereas photos can be confusing.

Over the last 20 years in business, we have performed a great many inspections for national firms who cater to Fortune 500 companies, but our core business is you the home owner & home purchaser. We enjoy a vast referral network that includes past clients & customers, engineers, attorneys, realtors, builders, and contractors. Our goal to expand our referral base by providing the best service in the business.



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